Here are a few good reasons why you should choose Metkoff Ltd. as your best trade partner in purchasing hydraulic components:

    Our Main Services:

  • First of all, Metkoff Ltd. could be your best Trading Partner when you need high-quality hydraulic components. To see a complete Manufacturers List, click here.
  • We can help you in the design, engineering and manufacturing of custom hydraulic solutions
  • Technical services – we can offer you alternative products if you need them faster, we have a lot of experience and competence in offering similar products.
  • We have large warehouses in Finland with over 10 000 items of top quality hydraulic components.
  • Our company has many years of experience in international trade – we can take care of the whole process of the supply chain from a manufacturer to end users.

    Our Logistic services:
  • International shipment all over the world
  • Handling of all needed customs declarations
  • Express delivery in 24h
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Please contact us and we will tell you more about our company, products and services.

Metkoff Ltd.