SF-SP - Section Filtres

The filters of our series SF, SP, have been developed for use in the suction line. They work completely immersed in the reservoir. Series “SF” and “SP” are available both with and without bypass valve.

Main Technical Data:
  • Filtration media: 125 micron
  • Flow range: 5-400 l/min
  • Bypass rating: 0.17 bar
  • Mounting threads: G 1/2 up to G3

Product Codes of SF-SP Filters:

Max. Flow
SF046A-014-GR12551/4” BSP9046125
SF046A-038-GR125103/8” BSP9046125
SF046A-012-GR125141/2” BSP9046125
SF046B-014-GR12551/4” BSP10546125
SF046B-038-GR125103/8” BSP10546125
SF046B-012-GR125141/2” BSP10546125
SF064A-012-GR125141/2” BSP10964125
SF064A-034-GR125253/4” BSP10964125
SF064A-100-GR125451” BSP10964125
SF064B-012-GR125141/2” BSP13964125
SF064B-034-GR125253/4” BSP13964125
SF064B-100-GR125451” BSP13964125
SF086A-100-GR125451” BSP13986125
SF086A-114-GR125621 1/4” BSP13986125
SF086A-112-GR125901 1/2” BSP13986125
SF086A-200-GR1251162” BSP13986125
SF086B-100-GR125451” BSP22086125
SF086B-114-GR125621 1/4” BSP22086125
SF086B-112-GR125901 1/2” BSP22086125
SF086B-200-GR1251162” BSP22086125
SF086C-100-GR125451” BSP26086125
SF086C-114-GR125621 1/4” BSP26086125
SF086C-112-GR125901 1/2” BSP26086125
SF086C-200-GR1251162” BSP26086125
SF086D-100-GR125451” BSP33186125
SF086D-114-GR125621 1/4” BSP33186125
SF086D-112-GR125901 1/2” BSP33186125
SF086D-200-GR1251162” BSP33186125
SF150A-112-GR125901 1/2” BSP151150125
SF150A-200-GR1251162” BSP151150125
SF150A-212-GR1252702 1/2” BSP151150125
SF150A-300-GR1254003” BSP151150125
SF150B-112-GR125901 1/2” BSP211150125
SF150B-200-GR1251162” BSP211150125
SF150B-212-GR1252702 1/2” BSP211150125
SF150B-300-GR1254003” BSP211150125
SF150C-112-GR125901 1/2” BSP272150125
SF150C-200-GR1251162” BSP272150125
SF150C-212-GR1252702 1/2” BSP272150125
SF150C-300-GR1254003” BSP272150125
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