Hydraulic Valves

Metkoff Ltd. is a supplier of hydraulic valves from leading manufacturers. They operate at pressures up to 350 Bar and provide flow rates up to 250 liters per minute.

Hydraulic Valves by leading manufacturers

A hydraulic valve is an auxiliary device, the task of which is to change the vector of motion of the fluid used in the system. Due to the ability to control the change in the direction of flows, the correct sequence of switching on of the working mechanisms is ensured. The structure is connected to the main hydraulic system by flange, threaded, or butt joint.

The body of hydraulic valves are made of high-quality steel, modified cast iron. The size and weight depend on the volume of the working fluid. The more it passes through the system, the usually more impressive are the dimensions and weight.

You will find the following hydraulic valve components in our catalog:

Counterbalance valves;
Pressure control valves;
Flow control valves;
Check valves;
Shuttle valves;
Hose Burst valves.

You will definitely select a hydraulic valve that will fully meet your requirements and replace a failed part.

Hydraulic Valves from Metkoff Ltd

We carefully analyze the offers of hydraulic valve manufacturers, therefore we sale only proven products. Only a small part of the hydraulic components we supply is presented on our website.

Contact experienced technical consultants for these contacts: they will provide a complete consultation about each item.