Counterbalance valves

Counterbalance valve serves to ensure smooth operation of hydraulic systems or hydraulic cylinder. Under the action of associated loads, the motion vector of which coincides with the direction of motion of the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor, jerks and vibrations occur, which leads to instability of the hydraulic system. Such types of valves help to achieve the necessary smoothness in the operation of hydraulic motors.

Hydraulic counterbalance valves presented by Metkoff Ltd. provide a throughput of up to 120 liters per minute, and are able to withstand pressures up to 350 bar.

Counterbalance valves by leading manufacturers

In the catalog of Metkoff Ltd. counterbalance valves from well-known manufacturers are presented. These are high-quality mechanisms that have passed the necessary certification. With their help, you can exclude an increase in the speed of the actuators, ensure the safety of the hydraulic system, and limit the maximum pressure in the event of an overload of the system.

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