Diaphragm Type Accumulators - HST Series

Technical Data:
  • Maximum working pressure (PS): 300 bar
  • Test Pressure (PT): PS x 1,43 / 1,3 / 1,5
  • Body: made in painted carbon steel
  • Standard nitrogen valve : 5/8” UNF
  • Working temperature (TS): -20°C ÷ +80°C
  • Standard bladder: can be used with mineral oils and non corrosive fluids
  • Installation: horizontal / vertical (nitrogen valve upward)
Options avaliable:
  • Outside epoxy painted as per standard FOX procedure or as project specification
  • Bladders in HNBR, EPDM, FPM, HYTREL
  • Connection with flange SAE 3000 – SAE 6000
  • Connection with flange ANSI B16.5 or UNI/DIN
  • Special connection on request
  • LT series for temperature up to – 40°C
  • M series rechargeable with nitrogen valve M28x1.5
  • V series not rechargeable with fix nitrogen value
  • S series for separator of fluid
  • High pressure execution
  • Available volumes up to 20 liters

Product Codes of HST Accumulators:

Max. Pressure
Max. Flow
HST0.050.05300355/8" UNF60981.1
HST0.120.12300455/8" UNF531511.6
HST0.150.15300455/8" UNF801412.5
HST0.350.35300505/8" UNF1011524
HST0.50.5300605/8" UNF1241755.5
HST0.70.7300555/8" UNF1002185.5
HST0.80.8300605/8" UNF1381856.3
HST1.31.3300555/8" UNF1252328.2
HST1.51.5300555/8" UNF1382708.9
HST2.32.3300555/8" UNF13834011.5
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