Quick Couplings

Metkoff offers a wide range of hydraulic quick couplings from renowned manufacturers at a reasonable price. They can endure pressures from 130 Bar and provide a flow rate up to 860 liters per minute.

Hydraulic quick couplings by leading manufacturers

The proliferation of quick couplings can be associated primarily with their operational features. They are distinguished by their compact size, low weight, reliable hose attachment, and ease of use.

In Metkoff Ltd. you can find almost all various types of quick coupling:

poppet type;
flat face type;
screw type.

We will help you to shoose the right quick coupling valve for your new project or to replace old broken coupling. Our experts are ready to help you with search and purchasing.

You can find a list of our manufacturers here.

Quick Couplings from Metkoff Ltd.

When ordering from Metkoff Ltd. you get some important benefits:

• We help you find the right part for your hydraulic system.
• Technical consultants are ready to provide the necessary support and information on any details that interest you.
• You can rest assured of our technical support during the selection, purchase, and after purchase the part.

The site contains only a small part of our catalog. If you have any questions about the products we offer, please contact these contacts.

Experts are always ready to answer any of your questions about pipe quick coupling.