Flow Dividers

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Hydraulic Gear Flow Dividers from Metkoff Ltd.

We cooperate with well-known hydraulic flow dividers manufacturers, so we can provide all the necessary information about each product. Technicians Metkoff Ltd. can:

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• select the gear flow divider in accordance with the needs of your system;
• provide information support while using the product


Hydrodynamic flow dividers are throttle or volumetric hydraulic devices that divide the supplied fluid flow into two or more parts in the required ratio for the operation of hydraulic motors. Most often, working fluid flow dividers into two equal parts are used to ensure the synchronous operation of two hydraulic cylinders in different mechanisms.

Our website presents hydraulic flow dividers of the following displacement:

Gr. 0 / 0.16 – 2.28 cm3/rev;
Gr. 1 / 0.91 – 9.88 cm3/rev;
Gr. 2 / 4.2 – 39.6 cm3/rev;
Gr. 3 / 14.89 – 86.87 cm3/rev.

They are able to endure pressures up to 300 bar and provide rotation up to 7500 rpm.

The site contains only a part of hydraulic gear flow dividers. For more information about the offer, call the contacts.