Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

Metkoff Ltd. has created a large range of hydraulic pumps and motors from leading manufacturers. By choosing quality products, we ensure the reliable functioning of your systems.

Hydraulic Pumps & Motors by leading manufacturers

The hydraulic pump is a compact, high-power unit that is used for pumping liquids in industry, utilities, and agriculture. The high power of the units allows them to be used in any hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic pumps and motors from leading manufacturers, presented in the catalog of our company, have the following characteristics:

• displacements from 4.2 cm3/rev to 280 cm3/rev;
• maximum pressures up to 500 bar;
• rotation speeds up to 6000 rpm.

The following types of hydraulic pumps and motors are widely represented in our catalog:

gear pumps;
vane pumps;
axial piston pumps & motors.

As a hydraulic pumps supplier, we can help you to choose and buy a new model instead of a broken one. We are confident that you will definitely find the right product that suits your requirements.

Hydraulic Pumps & Motors for every application

Contacting Metkoff Ltd. will bring you the following benefits:

• We can help you choose the product for any application.
• The company’s technical consultants will provide full technical support for every spare part.
• We provide support both during the product selection process and after purchasing it.

On our site there is only a small selection of hydraulic pumps and motors that we supply.

For complete information, contact our managers by sending us your request.