Hydraulic Check valves

A check valve is a type of valves that protects various equipment, pipelines, pumps, and pressure vessels from changing the direction of the flow of the medium in the process system, and also restricts the flow of the medium from the system in case of partial destruction of the pipeline section.

Check valves, presented in the Metkoff Ltd. catalog are for in-line mounting, singel pilot and double pilot also have flow rates from 5 L/min. to 400 L/min, they could be used in hydraulic systems with max. working pressure up to 400 bar.

Hydraulic Check valves by leading manufacturers

We have collected hydraulic check valves from leading manufacturers in the catalog for your convenience. You will find valves in various diameters from 1/4″ to 2”. Using our products, you will provide reliable protection of the pipeline system and equipment from sudden pressure surges.

Product quality is proven by certification. The equipment is safe and easy to use.

Check valves from Metkoff Ltd.

Metkoff Ltd. is a reliable supplier of check valve water pumps. If you haven’t found the product you need, call us, send an email or contact us through a special form on the website. We will send you a complete catalog, providing assistance in the selection of suitable equipment.