Hydraulic Filters

Metkoff Ltd. prepared a wide range of hydraulic filters from leading manufacturers. They can endure system pressures up to 420 bar and are capable of flow rates up to 500 liters per minute.

Filters for hydraulic systems by leading manufacturers

Hydraulic filters are special filtering elements that clean the working fluid from fine dirt, dust, metal shavings, fibers, chemical elements. decomposition of oil, etc. The devices are widely used in manufacturing, construction, road, and municipal services, etc.

Filters for hydraulic systems offer the following benefits:

• they can withstand high working pressure — up to 450 bar;
• they can withstand a large flow of liquid — over 500 liters per minute;
• various types of filter materials are used as cleaning, barrier elements.

In the catalog of Metkoff Ltd. the following types of hydraulic filters are collected:

high pressure filters;
section filters;
return filters.

We are happy to offer new models for your new project or to replace broken old hydraulic filters in your system.

Hydraulic filters from Metkoff Ltd

Metkoff Ltd. is one of the biggest hydraulic filter suppliers. You should choose our offer because:

• We will provide full advice on purchasing the right model for your system.
• From us, you will receive complete technical information about each product.
• Technical specialists provide advice both in the process of choosing a product and during its use.

The site contains only a small number of hydraulic filters. For more information, contact these contacts: we are always ready to help you.