Flow control valves

Hydraulic flow control valves are designed to restrict or pass fluid through throttle orifice adjustments, control the speed of actuators, and control motion and cylinder speed. 2 flow control valves are commonly used to limit the flow in hydraulic devices, to protect hydraulic systems and easily adjustable components. The closed and integrated design ensures no leakage.

Features of Flow Contol Valves

The flow control valve for hydraulic systems, presented in the Metkoff Ltd catalog have different sizes from 1/4″ to 2” and provides a flow rate of up to 250 liters per minute and withstands a maximum pressure of 350 Bar.

Flow control valves from Metkoff Ltd.

Metkoff Ltd. is a responsible supplier of flow control valves from well-known and trusted brands. We guarantee high-quality products, which is confirmed by the availability of international certificates.

In the catalog of Metkoff Ltd. you’ll find:

Cartridge Type Valves.
Needle valves.
3 Way Priority valves.

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